PADI Rescue Diver Course in Grand Cayman

The PADI Rescue Diver course offered by Cayman Turtle Divers will teach you how to assist and rescue divers that are experiencing difficulties as well as become a more aware dive buddy. It is not only extremely helpful in learning how to gauge stress levels in other divers but also in yourself. 

PADI Rescue Course | Cayman Turtle DiversThe first part of your course is covering theory (available online), then applying that theory in the confined practices which will prepare you to complete your evaluation scenarios in the sea. This is a truly rewarding course, you work hard but feel an immense sense of achievement upon certification.

Earn Your PADI Rescue Diver Certification with Cayman Turtle Divers

The knowledgeable and experienced staff at Cayman Turtle Divers will assist you in completing your PADI Rescue Diver certification in the beautiful waters of Grand Cayman. With years of experience in delivering high-quality scuba courses, we are the best option on the island.

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