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Dive Grand Cayman's Stingray City with Cayman Turtle Divers

With more than 20 local stingrays who are as hospitable and friendly as any small-town welcoming committee, Stingray City gives divers the opportunity to visit a breathtaking habitat bursting with multiple species of gorgeous tropical fish. Swim, explore, enjoy, and take a few selfies with the stingray locals!

The name "Stingray City" was bestowed upon two areas in the North Sound by fishermen who used the regions to clean their catches. Their activities eventually attracted a population of stingrays who were understandably eager to cadge free meals. The Stingray City "districts" consist of a shallow sandbar, where guests can wade amongst the Southern Atlantic Stingrays, and Stingray City Deep, which is roughly 15 ft. deep and fantastic for divers and snorkelers who want to frolic in the stingrays' habitat.

Stingray City | Kissing RaysGrand Cayman Barrier Reef and Stingray City Snorkeling

Grand Cayman barrier reef snorkeling is definitely exciting, but snorkeling amongst the local stingrays brings excitement to a whole different level! In addition to the thriving stingray communities, there are also friendly local turtles, a lovely green moray eelsoft corals and assorted tropical fish


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Enjoy a trip to Stingray City as a part of your entire Grand Cayman diving adventure! We offer single-tank Stingray City diving during our tours of some of Grand Cayman's most beautiful dive spots. And if you want to make a day out of exploring the gorgeous North Sound, we recommend taking a Stingray City private charter! 

Seriously, if a better vacation exists, we haven't heard of it! Book a trip online today!

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