Our Dive Team 

Al, Dive Instructor

Meet Al

Hometown: Newcastle, UK

Previous Occupation: Marine biologist

Favorite Futbol/Football Team: Newcastle/ Jets

Favorite Food: Anything with cheese

Favorite Dive Site: ZZ Top

Favorite Music: Pop/dance music

Likes: the color orange, his doberman Pan

Dislikes: green food, morons



seans bio pic

Meet Sean

Hometown: Jersey Island, UK

Previous Occupation: Carpenter

Favorite Futbol/Football Team: Doesn't have one (can you believe that?!)

Favorite Food: Bacon

Favorite Dive Site: Northwest Point

Favorite Music: Acoustic

Likes: Dogs, playing guitar, rum, enjoying life

Dislikes: Nothing! This guy just loves life!



J.T. Knox

Meet JT

Hometown: La Grange, TX, USA

Previous Occupation: Mechanic & rancher

Favorite Football Team: Houston Texans

Favorite Food: BBQ & burritos

Favorite Dive Site: Ghost Mountain

Favorite Music: Country

Likes: motocross, meeting new people, fast cars & fast boats

Dislikes: cold weather, mushrooms, & big city traffic



Heather bio pic

Meet Heather

Hometown: Ann Arbor, Michigan

Previous Occupation: Yacht Crew

Favorite Football Team: Michigan State University!!

Favorite Food: BBQ and Blueberries

Favorite Dive Site: Rays Bedroom

Favorite Music: Anything I can sing to....when no one is listening

Likes: Penguins, snowboarding, wakeboarding, hiking, camping, climbing, and everything outside!

Dislikes: Shoes



Meet Ollie

Hometown: Fernhurst, Surry 

Previous Occupation: Shark wisperer

Favorite Football Team: I don't know what that is, I play rugby...

Favorite Food: What ever you bring on the boat

Favorite Dive Site: Turtle schooner reef 

Favorite Music: Old rock

Likes: Cider, lobster hunting, sailing, sci-fi movies, gardening, traveling

Dislikes: Stand up paddle boards



coreys bio pic

Meet Corey

Hometown: St. Michael, MN, USA  

Previous Occupation: Student at UW Madison WI

Favorite Football Team: The Badgers of course!

Favorite Food: I would eat chicken noodle soup for every meal if i could!

Favorite Dive Site: Dragon's Lair, East End

Favorite MusicI like to mix it up

Likes: Learning new things, dogs, being outside and CHOCOLATE

Dislikes: High things






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