Grand Cayman Night Diving

Night Diving in the Cayman Islands | Octopus

Come and explore the underwater world at night, where you will get too see a whole new cast of critters and fish!  

At night, the reef comes alive as all of the hard corals put their polyps out to feed, and unusual creatures come out of hiding. All of those critters that were hiding out and tucked away on your day diving experience, like moray eels, lobsters and octopi all come out to play at night.

In addition, you are able to see the incredible bioluminescence show! This is where the small creatures (zooplankton) living and feeding in the plankton create their own light as a distraction to predators. This creates an effect that looks like a miniature firework display underwater when you turn off your flashlights and wave your arms and kick your fins.

Night Diving Charter in Grand Cayman

As with all of our diving sessions, safety is the number one priority. On your night dive, you will receive a full briefing on night diving procedures and flashlight use so you don't scare the wildlife or blind your dive buddy. Then we're off on a guided dive around one of our beautiful reefs. This dive is perfect for any diver looking for a new adventure, whether experienced or newly certified.

In addition to our standard night dive package, Cayman Turtle Divers also offers private night dive charters that are perfect for large groups.

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